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The Future of Storytelling Has ArrivedWatch depthRADIUS
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The Future ofStorytellingHas Arrived
Ninja Turtles by lukekeith
:icontechgnotic:by techgnotic
The recently announced changes to the core mythos of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the backlash from fans over the ending to Mass Effect 3 have ignited an incredible discussion about the rapidly evolving “collaborative” relationship between producers and consumers of videogames, movies, and similar “products.” Now it’s exploded beyond the secure borders of top news publications, gamin
SYAC - The Slippery Slope by TomPrestonCoco and the Joker by Kechuppikapkmn: rivals by pancake-waddle 10 Reasons To Buy Toilet Paper1) To stuff my bra in hopes that you'll see me tonight
2) To dry the tears from my eyes when you don't
3) To blow my nose and try again tomorrow
4) To keep in my pocket just in case
5) To dab my lipstick before our date
6) To fix my mascara after you say you love me
7) To clean my glasses and see the truth on your collar
8) To wipe the crap off of your lips when you swear I'm the only one
9) To use every roll to cover your house in blankets of white
10) To replace the toilet paper I wasted on you
Ice Cream Syndrome by TamarinFrogRandom Doom - 5 Year Anniversary by TamarinFrogGYRITYNI by PEQUEDARK-VELVETFree Vaporeon Avatar by SmusheyToothy by Xamag.: WW Link Wallpaper :. by PepperMoonFlakes:thumb309138803:BW2 BABES by Namie-kun Infinity Seven Takes On the Coming Zerg Invasion

:icontechgnotic: by techgnotic
StarCraft II is the hot tournament videogame that just may breakthrough as the harbinger of the esports phenomenon and one of the great cultural game-changers of all time.
Midnight in Anaheim. Caffeinated casters boom rapid fire commentary rattling the packed hall. Elite Starcraft players from around the globe execute complex strats that would have made Rommel the Desert Fox himself proud. 20,000 are in attendance, on the edge of their seats, and cheering as loudly as any soccer match as they watch the 30-foot screens hanging from the rafters. Another four and a half million are watching the streams live. The feeling is that of an NCAA Final Four game, set in a European soccer stadium, somehow shoehorned into a casino showroom in Las Vegas. It’s all of the skill, the fan devotion and the spectacle anyone could pos
:thumb310422554::thumb309433847:BW2BW2BW2BW2! by ShiupikaJohto Eeveelution Strike!! by DeruuyoHowl by Hellobaby:thumb310571153:Alice - Kakashi in Wonderland by HellobabyMaking SAI Brushes in GIMP by ToadsDontExistMinds Eye by TerrajaideRave Wolf by Terrajaide:thumb313459770:Thanks by PacthesisSimple Coloring in Flash by nasakiiwahsngikolht by Kawiku

Time by Terrajaide

old team realistic by legendguard24 Free Avengers Icons by GasaraBit of Countryside by Mr--JackPokemoonnnnn bw by kurotMadoka Magica by DaboyaSpeedpaint HTTYD by SunimaUncharted 3 by PatrickBrownNico: Son of Hades by germanmissilesLeo: Son of Hephaestus by germanmissilesIf tears left scars... by DestinyBlueInteractive N's Room (Pokemon Black and White) by staticwindMadoka Magica Dress Up Game by staticwindThe Adventure Begins by cartoongirl7POKE-PARADISE by cartoongirl7314,159 PV: Thanks for the Pi by cartoongirl7Red. by cartoongirl7Ouran: SKY HIGH. by cartoongirl7What Shall I Fight For? by cartoongirl7His Only Princess. by cartoongirl7Chiffon by cartoongirl7To Protect What's Mine. by cartoongirl7Chobits - Chii by cartoongirl7bw2 dudes by MOVED2-Lavender-IcedSupernatural by JoyfoolBurning Purpose by fayrenpickpocketDragon commission by ExiledenVernoa by djahalJark by QuoosaStormrunner by silvermoonnwDiablo III - Kynthia by cynthi-dmEdmund and the Witch by kelseymicheleLegend of Korra -- A Quiet Afternoon by finniNature's Beauty by Wanaca If I Were RichIf I were rich, then I'd have the key,
To make the world as it should be,
There'd be a maid to do my chores,
I'd crank up the AC and open the doors,
I'd take my lunch on a diamond platter,
See every new movie from now to hereafter,
I would have friends wherever I'd be,
And have them paid to like me for me,
The people would marvel at what I knew,
They'd pay to see the fits I threw,
For my attention, the world would vie,
I'd say, "Jump!", they'd ask "How high?
I'd buy my way into heaven above,
Pay off the devil and bid for God's love,
If I were rich, you couldn't stop me,
I'd buy the world and the seven seas!
I'd do bad things and never get caught,
So I think it's awfully good I'm not!
Mother to us all by hyamei:thumb301599140:PMMM set by tooayaBad-End-Night by tooayaBG speedpaint set by tooayaLoK by tooayaDAF: We are the church by tooayaAnE by tooayaSymphoria: Winter coat by tooayaPixel Vignette: Bath Time by hitogataPixel Vignette: Nap time by hitogataMy sister. My brother. by hitogataPixel Vignette: Who are you? by hitogata:Contest: Limegreen-tiger by Skyler-chan498 Japanese 101Konnichiwa Minna san! Watashi wa baka desu! Watashi no shumi wa e wo kaku koto desu! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (^O^☆♪
So okay some of you got jellin of my fine japanese language desu ne.
I thought of why not teach my lovely watchers speak japanese?
Okay let's start with the simple one. If you want your sentence to sound like japanese you need to put 'desu' at the end of each sentences. Now before we start using 'desu' let me tell you first what it means. It would be stupid if you're using the word that you don't know right? Okay the word 'desu' comes from the latin word 'Canius Femina' meaning bitch. For example I love you desu (I love you bitch).. Tehehe kidding aside. Okay the meaning of 'desu' is really hard to explain but basically it's a polite modifier or it can also mean " It is ", "Those are" , or "I am." or whatever.
Now that you know the word desu let's use it in a sentence.
Fuck you desu. V(=^・ω・^= )v
Someday by PacthesisThe Legend of Zelda by SandraInkOn the defensive by veriituspkmn bw2 by MOVED2-Lavender-IcedSugarStars- witch hunt by MOVED2-Lavender-Icedbw2 dudes by MOVED2-Lavender-IcedImagination by SynpaiJack Frost by yaichinoSad halloween by yaichino It's Kind of Like ThatLike looking in a mirror,
That doesn't show your face,
Another life, another day,
Another time and place,
Like standing in the starry sky,
With the world above your head,
Or sprouting black swan wings,
That work as fins instead,
Like knowing the name of a stranger,
But forgetting who you are,
And reaching not for things so close,
But grasping at things so far,
Like blowing a thousand bubbles,
Out the window while it rains,
Or finding solace in wonderland,
While logic drives you insane,
Like coming to love the person,
You knew you'd always hate,
And turning on the ones you love,
Then blaming it on fate,
I've done so much and come so far,
Without a reason why,
I've paid up front for things they said,
That money couldn't buy,
I've listened to a mute man sing,
And told stories to the deaf,
It's kind of like that - when you turn to the right,
And you find you're looking left.
VulnerableThe night is a thick bolt of velvet pressing on my eyelids.
As I prepare for sleep, I feel safe.
I feel safe within my own power.
I can hear, smell, and feel.
Opening my eyes, I watch the moonlight pool on my ceiling like an ethereal pond.
And knowing,
That as soon as I fall into the cycle of dreams
Monsters will come out to play.
A Kiss In The Rain by obsessioninhumanformThe Storm Is Near by obsessioninhumanformSunbeam by Megaloceros-UrhirschFun for Hiruma by ArtistMaz- Hiruma - by FreedealGame Heroes by SandikaRakhim First impressions of Wii U + Meeting my idolWhats up guys, before I start talking about Wii U, just a quick update on what happened yesterday. I had to go to the Rocks to sell my artworks, the event was outdoors and silly me didn't think of that, so it was hot as hell and my trip to the place was tiring as F, I should've driven.. and when I opened my store it was really windy.... at one point it even started raining, but we had a shelter so it wasn't that bad, business was quiet as there were a lot less people than expected. My fund towards the RINOAWUF (Ry in need of a Wii U Foundation) didn't work out too well, but I got a Wii U anyway, however ONE incident made everything better. For those who just wanna hear about the Wii U, skip to the next paragraph, for those who are bored enough to listen to my idol story, stick around. Right, so I looked over to other stores and saw a guy with a hat pulled down low, he was buying rings from my next store neighbour, I took a longer look and realised he was someone I admired for li AND I RANT: MOVIEGOERS SHUT THE F UPI love going to movies, especially by myself because when I watch a movie I like to fully concentrate on it with NO ONE talking besides me. Sometimes my friends would ask me questions and whisper in my ears in the cinema and most of the time I would just nod and not reply, or sometimes politely tell them that I will talk to them after the movie, one time my friend wouldn't shut up so I took out a pocket knife and stabbed him in the gut, he didn't speak throughout the movie anymore... actually I don't think he ever spoke again whoops. But the point I'm making is that 'No one speaks when the movie starts', its a simple rule that many people don't seems to understand. Its better here in Australia, I have been to the cinemas in Hong Kong many times and those people are the worst I tell you. I don't know if its like a chinese thing? But however much the characters speak on screen, however much the audience speak off screen! And you don't know, you think the audience are doing live voNick Furry and the Animalvengers by Ry-SpiritEvoland Titlescreen by KurunyaRise of the Guardians +speedpaint by LuluSeason Do you collect anything?I collect porn. Nah I joke, there's no need to because you can just stream them.. right awkward. I think it is in human nature to want to collect something right? For me I had many things I used to collect as a child and eventually gave up on.. this says a lot about me, I don't have a lot of patience probably?
There was a point in my life when I collected different Australian 50 cents coins. I can't remember why exactly, but I had a habit of collecting them for some reason. Until I reached a point when I couldn't find different designs anymore.... actually there wasn't a lot. yeah bummer.
Then I got into collecting empty toilet paper rolls, now THIS I really got into, because its little effort with great satisfaction, I used to keep them next to the toilet bowl too, like a whole stack of them. I was planning to collect as many as possible so I can one day build my own toilet paper roll castle. However one horrific day came when my parents threw all my hard earned treasure
.Pixel - Jack Frost. by lNeko-HimeBeautiful Creatures- Dark Lena by TerrajaideYou stand on my old friend by SpoonfishLee:bigthumb354194314:panty+brief by llanoHappy Halloween by llanoDigital Painting Tutorial by Dianae


AHAHArly inactive... just lurkin
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
I've (discreetly) moved to Duokhay, in terms of art uploading!!
Thanks for all these 6 years B). I made this account in 2009 :la:
-October 28, 2015

Dratini Icon RE-MASTERED by Ryuuchan4

Hi, I hardly upload art here o_o. I still draw, though I am more active on me tumblr xD
I was born in the year 1998, so I am kind of old nowadays orz
I am a bad artist workin' to get gooder, so slowly, but surely, will I finally be able to draw :icontearplz:
I like playing video games, sleeping, reading, and drawing owo



Tumblr :
Art tumblr that I've actually haven't uploaded anything to omg

3DS: Duokhay~3308-5813-1168
Tumblr :


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:iconangelwingleftplz: :iconduokhay: :iconangelwingrightplz:
:iconemptyspaceplz::iconarrowupplz:My side account :meow: RESERVING DAT NAME!
PMD Explorers of sky by Pharaonenfuchs+Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirlStamp: Bananas! by TheSaltyMonster:thumb132534581:Somebody Already Thought of It by fear-the-brilliance

Game by Pacthesis…

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